Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kayli's last day of the school year was today.  We do not want her to lose pace in the strides she has been making, so we amped up her Rehab therapies while she is on school break.  Kayli had a consistent day of pushing the  communication device (switch) yesterday while in group (circle) with her friends! While in group, she is asked if she wants a turn in circle time, and if she hits the switch it says "Yes, I do!" as well as some other choice phrases.  Kayli has had days where she lays in a light box with toys dangling and she reaches up and hits the toys or stares at the lights surrounding her.  She is known as the Fashionista of the school because she is always dressed to the 9's.  Each day, the staff eagerly awaited to see our daughter (often called "doll" at school) arrive at school so they can admire her outfit and matching accessories! lol  Kayli will have 3 weeks off until she starts summer school (which is not as vigilant as the regular school year).  Kayli has recently started swallowing consistently and we think it is because using the Passy Muir valve has taught her to manage her own secretions! During the summer months, we hope to maintain her abilities and guide her to learning more!  Wouldn't that be fun if she went back to school with more vocalization?!!! It is amazing that Kayli understands us and is making such great strides in her communication skills!   Thank you for supporting our precious daughter with your love, thoughts, and prayers!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kayli goes to school now!

Kayli started school (preschool) on Monday, May 7th!  Once in the room with her classmates, Kayli looked around to her friends, and smiled.  She has a one on one private nurse and goes to school 2.5 hours, 5 days a week.  In her first 4 days, Kayli has finger painted, joined in group time, and tried out communicating with her vision on a smart board!  Instead of using her vision to communicate, she showed off her ability to use her hand thrusts to say she wanted "more" of the smart board! Kayli has been moving her arms to reach things, and to play with things (her latest is playing with a pop bottle that was placed next to her!).  She is learning to move her arms and legs in order to manipulate her surroundings.  Before we know it, she will be able to turn over again! We look forward to the many things Kayli will experience and learn in her new environment!