Trisomy in Research

Trisomy 18: Japanese study, parental experience and questionaire: 

Wilms tumor commonly found in persons with Trisomy 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 18:

Wilms tumor commonly found in persons with Trisomy 1:

Evolving medical and surgical management for babies with Trisomy 18

Trisomy prevelances 2004-2006 

Trisomy 16 and 21 brain research 

Trisomy and very low birth weight (VLBW)

Trisomy 13 babies are living longer, even with only minimal medical interventions! This is an encouraging publication of a longer length of life for babies with Trisomy, even with minimal medical treatments!!! This is huge!! This means that if babies with Trisomy are surviving longer without the needed life saving treatments, there is more reason to give them the medical interventions to further the length of their life!! We are proud to be part of a movement to get our kiddos with Trisomy, life saving treatments!!

Better prognosis in newborns with trisomy 13 who received intensive treatments: a retrospective study of 16 patients.

Case Study: Partial trisomy 2p24-->pter and monosomy 18q22.1- qter resulting from parental translocation

Trisomy in Research: Triomy 12 and leukemia cells

Neuropsychological and behavioural phenotype of Dandy–Walker variant presenting in chromosome 22 trisomy

A case study: 

The brain: a 27 year old male with T18, case study:

Mosaicism Trisomy 18; 2 case studies:

Trisomy in research: Researchers turn off Down's syndrome genes.

Trisomy in research: Trisomy 18 and neual tube defects.
Trisomy in a medical journal: Trisomy 8 mosaicism and epigenetic study of aneuploidy. and here:,f1000m,isrctn 

Did you know there are 5,760 trisomy case studies, published in US National medical articles?

Trisomy 18 and threshold benefit (medical treatments as parents wish, or not?)

Parents ofNatural history and parental experience of children with trisomy 18 based on a questionnaire given to a Japanese trisomy 18 parental support group

Deļ¬cits in human trisomy 21 iPSCs and neurons: 

Trisomy 8 and cancer in a Medical Journal:

Trisomy 18 in a Medical Journal October of 2012. I can't stress the following quote enough!!! "Upper airway obstruction is likely more common than previously realized and should be investigated when full care is opted by the family and medical team." Parents are being told their baby has Central Apnea, without testing for it! Obstructive apnea is a leading cause of infantile death for Trisomy 13 and and Trisomy 18. ://

Better Prognosis in Newborns with Trisomy 13 Who Received Intensive Treatments: A Retrospective Study of 16 Patients

Hand surgeon blogs about Trisomy 8:

Trisomy 21 and Congenital heart defects:

Symptomatic Atlantoaxial instability in an adolescent with Trisomy 21.

Anaesthetic management of hip arthroplasty in an individual with trisomy 21 and Eisenmenger's syndrome:

Trisomy incident research in Romania:

Anesthesiological considerations for patients with trisomy 21

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