Trisomy in the News

Trisomy in the News: Brilen 

Trisomy in the News: Parents reject abortion 

Trisomy in the News:Trisomy 18, lly 

Trisomy in the News:Samuel

Trisomy in the News:  Trisomy 3, Graham's dad gives thanks! 

Trisomy in the News:A school prepares to celebrate Trisomy 21 awareness day! 

Trisomy in the News:Zion 

Trisomy in the News:News station fans give an amazing gift!  

Trisomy in the News: Angela

Trisomy in the News: New challenge for Brennagh, with Trisomy 18

 Trisomy in the News: Ella, with Trisomy 13, and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep photography

Trisomy in the News: 5 Moms speak about kids with Trisomy 21

Trisomy in the news: Alissa, with T18, turns 1 year old!

Trisomy in the News: Parents of seven children reject abortion to have Hannah, their baby with Trisomy 18.
Trisomy in the News: Drake is a happy baby (with Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 4)

Trisomy in the News: Father and his daughter, with Trisomy 18, are nominated for community awards!

Trisomy in the News: Girl with Trisomy 18, turns 1 year old!
Trisomy in the News: Hannah, with Trisomy 18, defies doctors!
Trisomy in the News: Jenny, with Trisomy 21, earns a job in hospital's pathology lab!
Trisomy in the News: Spain's councillor, Angela, with Trisomy 21, makes history!
Trisomy in the News: Matthew, artist with Trisomy 21, survives brain hemmorage, and showcases artwork!
Jenny, with Trisomy 21, is granted her right to choose guardians! You can read more about her story at Justice For Jenny,0,2123688.story
NJ law changes state transplant rules. NJ can no longer discriminate against transplant candidates who have mental or physical disabilities!

Trisomy in the News: Clothing designer for people with Trisomy 21, wins award!

Trisomy in the News: 6 year old with Trisomy 21 is left to die because of tired dr's DNR mix up: 

Trisomy in the News: ICAN bike camp helps kiddos with trisomy 21, ride a bike! 
Trisomy in the News: Baby with trisomy comes to the US from Honduras for life saving heart surgery.
Trisomy in the News: Jacob Crosby, with Mosaic Trisomy 8 is doing well!
Trisomy in the news: CBS news reports the new research for Trisomy 21, Down's Syndrome!
Trisomy in the News: Man with Trisomy 21 makes history at college!
Trisomy in the News: Coach's son and a boy with Trisomy bond through baseball.

Trisomy in the News: Japan firm to start implementing drug use for patients with Trisomy.

Trisomy in the News: Rise of Eugenics/ depleting the earth of Trisomy and other developmental disabilities and genetic disorders.
Trisomy in the News: A Thailand, trisomy integrated school, singing for the competitive football teams.
Trisomy in the News: Down With That support group, and sensory friendly films!
Trisomy in the News: Boy with Trisomy, uses iPad to communicate 

Trisomy in the News: Group, including a woman with Trisomy 21, petitions to change Handicap signs to say Accessible.

Trisomy in the News: Inspirational woman, Kristen Lindsey, with Trisomy 21
Trisomy in the News: Senator Stephen Sweeney, speaks at University, of his daughter, with Trisomy 21.
Trisomy in the News: Trisomy 21 research leading to cure for alzheimers?

Trisomy in the News: Caretaker sentensed for abusing teenager with Trisomy 21

Trisomy in the News: Prom Queen and Prom King, both with Trisomy 21, graduate HS with great plans for their future!

Trisomy in the News: 6 month old April, with Trisomy 22, Emanuel Syndrome to join her parents at home.

Trisomy in the News: Luka, with Trisomy 9

Trisomy in the News: (Trisomy 18) Ezekiel Willington making history. 

Trisomy in the News: Concerns of higher incidence of Trisomy 21 among Emiratis.
Trisomy in the News: DS org of Nevada opens new playground!
Trisomy in the News: Lily, with Trisomy 21 will be the first cheerleader with DS at the school!
Trisomy in the News: Singer and Actress Bernie Nolan talks about ending/terminating her pregnancy with her daughter with Trisomy 18 by delivering at 5 1/2 months gestation.
Trisomy in the News: Life lessons on the basketball court

Trisomy in the News: 49 year old woman with MDS and Trisomy 8

Trisomy 21 in the News and to be in a Tv series in Germany:


A pediatrician who has a daughter with Trisomy 18...

Trisomy 21, the first 3 years:

Teacher with Down Syndrome breaks Stereotype:

91 year old mom writes about raising son with DS:

A Trisomy love story: Trisomy in the News: Another Trisomy Love story ♥
A Trisomy sib in the news. Kenna donated 8 inches of hair!

This is interesting that they found only Trisomy 8 to be stable with this, for MDS:

Tributes paid to Millie:

20 year old boy with Trisomy 18:

In Memory of Amazing Grace:

Disabled newborns killed legally in the Netherlands:

A student with Down syndrome becomes prom king in the far north suburbs!
Justin Bychowski was elected prom king at Zion Benton High School last night in a landslide. Justin received over 300 votes, compared to the runner-up who received less than 50.
He went to prom with another girl in his class who has Down syndrome as well. (ABC 7 News)

Life with Trisomy is full of possibilities!

Prenatal testing and false positives popping up more frequently, leading to healthy fetus abortions.

Extra chromosome removed from DS cell line:

Trisomy Miracle in the News: She was born with Cancer and Trisomy she is cleared of cancer...AND TRISOMY?!!!

Bella Santorum with Trisomy 18, and Pope Francis lessons:

Morphine death caught in the act! Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and medical professionals are getting away with murder, simply because Trisomy 18 has a poor prognosis.

Interview with Trisomy 21 discoverer:

.Tim has Trisomy 21, and opened his own restaurant!!! 

Trisomy 18 in the news! Kayli, is in the paper today, in hopes of changing the stigma attached to T18!

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