Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kayli is in the hospital with viral pneumonia

Kayli was sleeping in the wee hours of Thursday morning, when she suddenly had a fever, nasal secretions, was wheezing and sounded congested.  We tried giving her neb/breathing treatments but the wheeze was persistent.  Her pulminologist suggested taking her in to the ER to get chest X-rays, so we did.  Her chest X-rays did not show pneumonia, but the breathing treatments in the ER weren't working either.  Kayli was admitted to the hospital.  Kayli was in respiratory distress and retracting on Thursday, Friday, and Sat.  The fight in her was wearing thin, as she started tiring out.  Her oxygen levels (sats) declined, her heart rate was dropping, and she had to bagged many times.  The medical team did not want her on a vent because there is little a medical team can do for a virus and they needed Kayli to continue fighting.  A vent would breath for her,  and they needed Kayli to continue to fight so they decided to put her on a CPAP machine. A CPAP assists in breathing by pushing air pressure into her lungs, while Kayli is drawing the breaths and is exhaling on her own.  She also started getting continuous breathing treatments for 8 hours straight yesterday. Today is a better day for her!  She is still on the CPAP, but has more energy and is starting to make faces about being on the CPAP. Lol. She is getting breathing treatments every 2 hours, and is maintaining her oxygen levels in between now! Her chest is not retracting, and she is gaining strength as she breaths easier.

I was questioning our decision to take her to the Wisconsin Dells last weekend, but I
 was assured by the dr that she did not get the viral pneumonia from being in the lazy river, but it was more likely from school.  I was relieved to hear that, because Kayli had a blast (she loved the waves!!!) and we were able to share some more wonderful family memories together!!!

A parent is much like a candle, and the child like a flame.  God sends a child to be the flame that ignites the parents for a purpose! I am proud to support the vibrance of my flame, as she shines brightly with His purpose, and lights the way for me!  ~ Kelly Whistler