Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kayli's Blessed Christmas

Kayli had an amazing Christmas!  She was back to feeling 100%, and went to her maternal extended family's side for Christmas Eve, and Santa came for a brief visit!  Then Kayli spent Christmas morning opening presents with her family.  She received many clothes (for her Off the Rack album ), a Kindle fire and iPod shuffle, all thanks to Operation North Pole!!! Kayli also received many music therapy instruments, and a swimming pool (WOW!!) for aquatic therapy from Mike, of Michael P. Mazza, LLC!!! We met our Christmas angel, Mike, through Normal Moments, a wonderful non-profit organization that helps us manage our day to day life as a special needs family!

The stimulation of the day must have been too much for her, because she slept through Christmas dinner, provided to us, by Normal Moments. Kayli has since spent the days enjoying her new therapeutic toys!   

We can't thank you Mike, Operation North Pole, and Normal Moments enough!!! You have all made Kayli and our family's Christmas one of the best EVER!!! Thanks be to God, for uniting us!