Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kayli started preschool!

Kayli is now in preschool for her second year.  She goes to a special needs school with her private duty nurse. While in school, Kayli gets 6 therapies throughout the week, including vision, hearing, physical, occupational, developmental, and speech.  Kayli will be using her Passi Muir valve (speaking valve) , FM system ( microphone system that hooks up to her hearing aid), her new eyeglasses, a smart board, stander, lightbox, and other educational yet fun equipment to allow her to learn at her cognitive level! We are working with the school to get Kayli in the school pool for aquatic therapy, trach and all!!! Kayli loves the bath, ocean, and pool!  I imagine it's because the water takes gravity and weight off her bones and muscles.  Currently, Kayli is short a private duty nurse, so she is only able to tend school 3 out of the 5 days a week. We are orientating a new nurse to fulfill that position.  We hope the nurse and Our family is a great match! This first week of school has been all about the head, a part of our body.  Kayli has used her fingers to make a smiley face on a cookie, used a glue stick and pushed her hand down on magazine cutouts of heads to make a collage, listened to others sing songs about heads, and played games about heads while touching her own head.  It has been a great start to her new school year!