Monday, February 11, 2013

In the OR (operating room)

Kayli went back to the OR about an hour ago.  Once in the OR, the anesthesiologist has the difficult task of accessing a vein for IV access.  This could take hours! She will also be giving Kayli a pain med injection below her spine.  

There are a couple of changes in the surgical plans:

    The orthopedic surgeon is not going to do the Tetonomy a percontaneous.  She will make incisions (I shaped) on the back of Kayli's heels, rather than a small hole, to cut Kayli's heel cords.  The reason the surgeon needs to go in through incisions, is because she has to work around scar tissue, and she wants to cauterize the muscles ends (after she cuts them) to prolong the release (the muscles will eventually grow back).  

     The dr. for the ABR (hearing test) now has my written permission to take Kayli's left ear tube out and replace it, if it is still clogged.  Once the new ear tube is in, the hearing results will be more accurate.  This procedure calls for an additional surgeon (an ENT surgeon).  We will not know if the ENT surgery is needed until the ENT evaluates her ear condition (prior to the ABR testing).


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