Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!! Please be safe and drive slower throughout the day, as many kiddos have half a day of school. Please remember to think kindly of the kiddos with special needs/diets when you see them out for the exciting day of fun! If you don't have a special treat for them, a smile and a note with uplifting words of admiration and encouragement could be a treat too! More ideas for special treats include; Gluten free candies, sugar free candies, cheap sunglasses, trinkets from Oriental Trading, pencils, light up or textured bounce balls, small playdoh, etc It depends on the kiddo and their special needs, but those are some ideas. For Kayli, even a special note would be great! You can't please everyone, but I would definitely stay away from anything with nuts in them (many are allergic, and it can be a fatal contact if exposed to tree nuts).

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