Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A medical room, fit for a princess

There are many things to consider when organizing your medical supplies in your household.  Space and financial resources can be limited, even while the need to have access all supplies and equipment are prevalent.  We have our house organized by necessities, body system supplies, accessibility.
The shelving unit that we built, sits on Kayli's dresser. 

The most used supplies are stocked in our daughter's room.  We built a shelving unit, bought shelving, and used things around the house to accommodate our organizing needs.

Inside the shelving unit, are the following organized bins, ready for easy access to medical supplies used daily....

Inside a pull a smaller pull out drawer, we hold her tape, thermometers, scissors, lip gloss, eye lube, tape measures, and creams

Another small pull out drawer

In this general supply drawer, we hold the trach ties, alcohol wipes, 3 different size/types of gauze, and surgi lube.  They are in a tub from another organizing system once in our basement. 

In this pull out bin, we store the posey wraps, pulse ox sensors, and Gtube button hole covers
In this GI bin, we store 2 Mic Key buttons, and a month supply of daily extensions

Then nurses' blank paperwork is stored in the bin, and their notes, etc are filed in the binder
The spare parts for the respiratory equipment is stored in here
The respiratory supplies, and the book of CD's for Kayli's music player
Even a space for books!
Storage bags for hearing aids, FM system, and cleaning supplies

The nurses station in Kayli's room 
The flower box holds lotions, dry erase markers, and the flowers in
the vase have pens attached to them, so the nurses don't accidentally
walk off with them. 
We use a dry erase board for quick information such as address (in case of emergency), family cell numbers, last trach
change, last gtube change, notice of new medications, etc.  


Kayli's Hospital Bed: Made by Beds by George, it is the Dreams Series, size twin.  It is made of 100% Mahogany with a dark stain.  The bed has an electric lift, head raise, and foot raise.  We opted for windows all around, and a hole in each corner of the bed, for easy Fisher Paykel tubing to fit through when the sides are up.
 The headboard is engraved with "Jesus Loves Me".  The bed is on lockable wheels for easy movement.  We ordered the attached IV pole.  The mattress was included, and is water resistant and comfortable for her spine.  We added an egg crate mattress as well.
This is Kayli's bed with an added canopy, to add to her princess room! We hang baby links with toys to her canopy frame.  The canopy was a great $10 garage sale find, that we suspend from the ceiling, so it doesn't affect the hospital bed warranty.  The drapes were included, and we are using them as the front post material.  The back posts are made with the material from the flat bed sheet! We also have rope light suspended with the inside frame of the canopy, to give a wonderful visual affect, that acts as a night light and visual stimulation as well!

Glove box holder and a basket to hold diapers and wipes. Kayli's super cape is in the picture also, hanging from her bed post. 

Immediately next to Kayli's bed, is a towel rack that supports the Kangaroo Joey feeding pump, and Fisher Paykel system.  It is suspended high enough to clear the raising bed side, and the sterile water bag and feeding bad that is suspended from the attached bed IV pole.

The IV pole is hidden behind the canopy post

Next to Kayli's bed, we have an IKEA Lack Wall Shelf unit.  It holds her Suction machine, catheters, pulse ox, and princess decorations.  The portable suction machine fits neatly underneath!

On the shelf, we have a command hook to hold the suction tubing when not in use.
Since we sleep on a different floor level than Kayli does, we have a wireless doorbell in her room.  The wireless doorbell is easy to install, with a command strip. It is installed on the ledge of  the IKEA shelving unit, so it doesn't take up valuable space.  The nurses can ring the doorbell, and it will chime in our room.

We have a flower box under the other window in Kayli's room, to hold her emergency medications, eyeglasses, and hearing aid.

And a bag holder to collect shopping bags, for the bathroom garbage can.

Kayli has a jewelry station in her room.  The backdrop of the jewelry station is fabric that was placed on the wall with spray starch.  It is an easy on/off and doesn't damage the wall! 

Kayli also has shelves in her room, for pictures of the places she's been and all her awards. In her closet, she has hooks below her clothes, for her coats (a space saver). 


Kayli's bathroom is small, so we have to be organized.

Her soft hairbands are on a jewelry bracelet holder, and the harder ones are in a vase

Her hairbows are on a tutu that hangs on the side of her shelving unit, next to the bathroom. (front side of tutu)

(back side of tutu)


Kayli has a home made nail polish holder (made with a cultery holder, wire hangers, and some spray paint).

She has a towel holder for a hand towel, paper towels, and drying washclothes.

We use a pull out drawer under her window in the bathroom, for her shampoos, etc.

Kayli's therapy room

Across the hall from Kayli's bedroom, is her therapy room.  It was a bedroom, that we turned into a supply and therapy room.  While Kayli's bedroom has stock of frequently uses medical supplies, we had to find a place to store her extra supplies, and less frequently used medical supplies. We put shelving units in the room's double wide closet.  

We have an armoire in the therapy room, to store her drool pads, blankets, and mattress pads. We decorated the front of the armoire with pictures by taking cork board and covering it with fabric.  Kayli can see her support team, and her nurses can put faces to all the specialists, nurses, and dr's on Kayli's team!

Kayli's exercise ball is set aside, resting on a re-purposed basketball hoop.  We hang her baby link toys on the basketball hoop, for easy access and sight.  The peanut ball (top left) will have a smaller basketball hoop of it's own. 

We built a shelving unit around her switches, sensory toys, and light box dimensions.  Above this, we mounted a large screen tv, and a shelf that holds a DVD player, and a VHS player.

And found a (free) tall shelving unit to store Kayli's musical/auditory assitive technology


We keep syringes, medicine cups, formula containers, etc in these bins to dry and store.  This is in the kitchen at "Kayli's counter". 

Above "Kayli's counter" in the kitchen, is her cabinet.  We store her medications, formula, etc up here, with the daily medications in the pull out white bin (with handle).  We made cheat sheets of medications/times on index cards, and put cork board on the inside door to post them for quick access. 

We also have shelving units in the garage, where we store the bigger boxes of supplies.  We take from the larger garage stock, to fill the indoor storage bins for every day, accessible use.  


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