Monday, September 8, 2014

Conformable casts

Kayli has had 3 surgeries to correct her club feet with tenatomies and joint contracture releases, but with each surgery once she was out of the casts, she recurred (went back to club foot positioning).  This last set of AFO's (ankle foot orthotics), have caused bruising and skin break down, so we met with Kayli's physiatrist ( medical dr who specializes in physical and rehabilitative services for the musculoskeletal system) and PT (physical therapist) to see if there was another more comfortable option. They recommended the Conformable casts.  Kayli went to get fitted last Friday, and went home with them the same day.  The casts are open at the front of the leg, and Velcro'd together for easy access.  We can take Kayli's casts off for bathing, aquatic therapy, and time in the stander.  While in the stander, Kayli will wear her AFO's for firmer support.  So far, Kayli's feet and ankles look like they are healing well, and her feet are still correcting.  We will go back in a couple of weeks, to adjust her feet positioning back into a 90 degree bend.  

The inside of the casts are made of a very soft and plush cotton, so Kayli does not need to wear socks underneath. Between the cotton lining and outer casting, are cotton pads to relieve pressure of the skin breakdown (from the AFO's) and any pressure spots.  The casts will need to be changed every 8-12 weeks, which will be convenient because her PT for this casting is also her aquatic therapist.  We will be able to schedule the appoints back to back, so no extra trips will be needed for casting. 

These conformable casts were an excellent recommendation for Kayli's needs!  We are excited to have found the perfect orthotic support for her!  

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  1. are her AFOS getting too small they should never cause bruising hoping the casts work well for her and they can get her braces so they do not cause bruising I have AOS as well for cerebral palsy love mine