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Illinois Resources

Some of the following resources are restricted to certain areas of Illinois.  Some of the following resources are outside of state funding organizations, with eligibility for IL families.  Please check the websites for more information. 

Ambucs: funding for adaptive bikes, through AmTryke Wish List) http://www.ambucs.org/scholars/

Arc of Illinois: Conference stipends, family support network, family to family health center, Illinois lifespan. http://www.thearcofil.org/

Aubrey Rose Foundation: financial assistance for medical bills not covered by insurance. http://www.aubreyrose.org/

Believe in Tomorrow: educational/recreational and supportive services, helping families reconnect. Hands on Adventures, and hospital and respite housing programs. http://www.believeintomorrow.org/about.html

Blind Citizens: Assistive Technology Fund (ATF) provides funds to cover 50% of the retail price of adaptive devices or software. www.blindcitizens.org/assistive_tech.htm
Camp New Hope:  A family retreat resort in NC.

Cerner- First Hand Foundation: funding for treatment, adaptive equipment, vehicle modifications, etc. not covered by insurance. https://www.cerner.com/About_Cerner/Community_Impact/

Chai Lifeline: trips, hospital stay help, camps, and counseling. http://www.chailifeline.org/

Chicago Lighthouse: advocating, independent living resources, deaf/blind program. http://chicagolighthouse.org/

Children's Charity Fund: funding for adaptive equipment  or education (0-18 years old) http://www.childrenscharityfund.org/

Different IZ Good: Gifts iPhone, iPad, or iPod touches to speech impaired, minimally verbal, or non-verbal persons.  http://differentizgood.org/gift-a-voice/

Different Needz Foundation: grants for medical equipment or services. http://www.differentneedzfoundation.org/

Disabled Children's Relief Fund: assistive technology, vision devices, hearing devices, therapies, etc. http://www.ok.gov/abletech/documents/Sec%204%20Disabled%20Children's%20Relief%20Fund.pdf

Dream Catchers, USA: Outdoor/nature wish organization (fishing/hunting). http://www.dreamcatchersusa.org/

Division of Rehabilitative Services (DRS): Home based support, and home livingprogram assistance. http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=29736

Faith’s Hope Foundation: Family assistance for expenses for long term hospital stays (food/utilities/car payment/lodging/house payment/property tax/ etc. http://www.faithshopefoundation.org/

First Hand: Displacement assistance, and specialty services or equipment.  Treatments, Equipment, Displacement, vehicle modifications. https://applications.cerner.com/firsthand/

First Transit: Medicaid paid for transportation to/from dr appts.  Also has a program where parents become approved transporters and are reimbursed for mileage. http://www.firsttransit.com/About-Us

Friends of Man: Equipment, Prosthetics, Wheelchairs, mobility equipment/vehicle modifications. http://www.friendsofman.org/ReferOutsideCO.php

Gia Nicole Angel Foundation: funding of specialty item(s) for low income/single parent families.  http://www.giafoundation.com/extensions

Gigi's Playhouse: For Trisomy 21 only.  Events and play dates for kiddos with T21. http://gigisplayhouse.org/

Gracie’s Hope: Funding for HBOT and other treatments/therapies. http://www.gracieshopehyperbarics.com/application/

Grottoes of North America Humanitarian Foundation: Helps cover the costs of dental treatment, including hospital and anesthesia costs when needed, for children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy (and related neuromuscular disorders), organ transplant recipients or those with mental retardation. http://www.hfgrotto.org/programs/the-dental-program/

Hands to Angels: Financial assistance for families facing a rare condition (like Trisomy). http://www.handstoangels.org/index.html

The Hearing impaired Kids Endowment Fund: grants for hearing aids and assistive devices. http://www.thehikefund.org/Application/ApplicationFormsPortal.html

Helping from heaven, the Lexi Kazian Foundation: Lexi's Closet (equipment loan center), funding for adaptive/therapy equipment, and free events. http://www.helpingfromheaven.org/

HIPP progam: State pays insurance deductibles and/or COBRA if elegible for private insurance and on Medicaid. http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=19239

Illinois Assistive Technology: Assistive technology loan center. http://www.iltech.org/

Illinois Elk's Children's Care Corporation: funding for adaptive equipment, bikes, and services. http://www.illinois-elks.org/ccc/

Internet essentials: $9.95 monthly for home internet for families with kids who qualify for/receive free school lunches. http://www.internetessentials.com/

The Kids Equipment Network:  Funding help for equipment. http://www.tken.org/

Kids on the Go: mobility program through variety- funding for adaptive sports, bikes, and wheelchairs. http://www.varietyofillinois.org/kidsonthego/

Kids Wish Network: Wish granting, hero of the month, toys/clothes/necessities tour, holiday of hope gifts, funeral assistance. http://kidswishnetwork.org/programs/

Kya’s Krusade: Adaptive equipment and therapeutic services funding: http://www.kyaskrusade.org/info/programs-and-services/financial-assistance-program/

The Lindsay Foundation: Financial assistance for seating and transportation equipment, therapies, medical procedures, medical supplies, communicative devices (excludes iPads), and rehabilitative equipment. http://www.lindsayfoundation.org/about.html

Make a Wish: Chicago has one of the biggest/wealthiest chapters of Make a Wish!  If your SN child is considered terminally ill or has a life threatening condition, he/she could qualify for a wish!  Wishes are in 4 categories; to be someone, to meet someone, to go somewhere, or to have something.  http://illinois.wish.org/

Miracle Ear Foundation: Hearing aids for low income after exhausting all resources. http://www.miracle-ear.com/en-us/miracle-ear-foundation/eligibility

Molly Bear Foundation: Supplemental financial assistance for families facing a Trisomy 18 diagnosis. http://www.mollybear.org/

The Morgan Project: Small grants, and gently used disability equipment. http://www.themorganproject.org/

Northern Illinois Special Recreation (NISRA): Year round recreational activities for the disabled. http://www.nisra.org/

Normal Moments: After enrollment, you can ask for a "David".  Normal moments will send volunteers, or hired help for around the house needs (cooking, cleaning, yard work, etc).  They also give Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to enrolled families, and connect your family with donators for Christmas gifts. http://www.normalmoments.org/

Options & Advocacy: Early Intervention, sibshops, apply for PUNS, life management program. http://www.optionsandadvocacy.org/

The Lindsay Foundation: Financial assistance for seating and transportation equipment, therapies, medical procedures, medical supplies, communicative devices (excludes iPads), and rehabilitative equipment. http://www.lindsayfoundation.org/about.html

Parker Lee Project: Medical supplies, including diapers.  http://www.theparkerleeproject.org/

Parker’s Purpose: Monetary grant up to $1,000. http://parkerspurpose.net/index.php?page=application-for-assistance

Pass It On Center: classifieds for used assistive technology http://passitoncenter.org/locations/SearchResults.aspx

The Prayer Child Foundation: Prayers and other help for children with syndromes or illnesses (emotional, physical, etc) with no fault of their own.  http://prayerchild.org/

Project Reach: Illinois Deaf Blind Services: Technical assistance, training, information, and family support.  They also give away iPads when available. http://www.philiprockcenter.org/

PUNS: A lottery system for a waiver program that gives your family a lump sum of money to spend on nursing, medical equipment, etc. http://www.thearcofil.org/applying-for-services-and-puns

ReachOut Wireless:  Free cell phone/minutes if low income qualified.  https://www.reachoutmobile.com/

Save the Kid Fund, Inc: medical treatment funding, grants for; medications, handicap aids, adaptive bikes, diapers, leg braces, etc. http://www.savethekid.org/ http://www.savethekid.org/

Small Steps in Speech:  Funding for supplemental therapy and treatments for children. http://differentizgood.org/gift-a-voice/

Songs of Love Foundation: a (free) personalized song for children and teens. http://www.songsoflove.org/

Social Security Insurance (SSI): supplemental federal funding. http://www.ssa.gov/pgm/ssi.htm  

Special Needs Assistance Program – Modest grants for medical and therapeutic equipment, not covered by health insurance or in the case of no health insurance, throughout the United States, from birth to age 22. www.snap4kids.org
Special Spaces: Room makeovers.  http://www.specialspaceschicagoland.org/

Starlight Foundation: Hosts Great Escapes, and gives donated tickets to events in the area, for enrolled, special needs families. http://www.starlight.org/

State Waiver programs: There are a various of different waiver in IL. (will update later)

Sunshine Foundation: Wishes for 3-18 y/o. http://www.sunshinefoundation.org/

Thumbuddy Special: funding for adaptive equipment. http://www.thumbuddyspecial.org/

United Healthcare Children's Foundation: funding for adaptive equipment, hearing aids, therapies, etc (quality of life and improvement opportunities) up to $5,000 per year, with a $7,500 lifetime max per child.  http://www.uhccf.org/about/

Used Home Medical Equipment: database of adaptive equipment for sale (search by zipcode) http://usedhme.com/

Western Wishes Foundation USA, Inc: Western themed wishes (rodeo, country concerts, riding horses, etc) http://www.westernwishes.org/

Variety- The Children's Charity of Illinois: funding for adaptive equipment, van and home lifts, adaptive bicycles, and stair lifts. http://www.varietyofillinois.org/

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