Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good News, and Surgery is a go for Monday!!!

     While sitting in the Pediatrician's office for Kayli's flu shot and pre-op appt (for her elective surgery this Monday), Kayli's Pediatric Cardiologist called with news of Kayli's newfound heart condition, pulmonary stenosis. 

     The Cardiologist has gotten report back from a Chicago hospital board meeting focusing on Kayli's Pulmonary Stenosis.  The consensus is that Kayli's Pulmonary Stenosis is NOT causing Pulmonary Hypertension!!!!! This is wonderful news, as it means that although her heart is abnormal, it is functioning as it always has!  She is adapting to the narrowing of her main artery!  Kayli's heart needs to be watched closely for any life threatening changes, but our daughter is well enough to be cleared for surgery this Monday!!! Kayli will be getting a bronchoscopy (a scope that looks at her trachea) and a tendon/heel clip (to release her tendons so she can have a 90 degree angle in her ankle to stand). Kayli will get the elective surgery (non-life saving) on Monday, and will then be in a cast for 3 weeks.  While in surgery, she will be fit for her AFOs (braces) so they will be ready by the time the casts are off.  Once in her braces, she will be able to stand again!!!!

    In this Thanksgiving season, we are grateful for Kayli's supportive medical team!!! While we are here, facing another heart condition, we are humbly reflective of the lack of support Kayli had 3 years ago, when she had open heart surgery.  We are confident that Kayli has the respect and chance of care that she has always deserved!!!  Thank you Dr. Michael Paul, and Dr. Thomas Dovidio for your support, care, and love for Kayli!!!! <3


  1. i just stumbled across your Youtube of her first surgery which led me here. W@W. I am amazed! God Bless and it is a special Thanksgiving indeed to have your daughter in it!
    Deborah & Fam <3

  2. I watched your video on youtube a few minutes ago, and I just wanted to say I wish you and your family the best of luck on your journey.
    God Bless

    Stephanie, mother of 3