Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trisomy Tidbits, Inspirations of Trisomy

Every week, I will post a Trisomy Tidbit, where I hope to share the awareness of God's fearfully and wonderfully made creations around us every day...and inspire you to see people with a Trisomy diagnosis in a similarly amazing way! You may share these Trisomy Tidbits with others, I just ask that you copy them as they are (please do not make changes), and source it back to either Kayli's blog, or  Thank you, and Enjoy! <3

(Ladybug) Trisomy Tidbit of the Week: Our children are much like ladybugs.  Ladybugs are found in all climates and come to us in all seasons of our lives.  Their life cycle is apprx 4 weeks, which ties the ladybug to the energies of renewal and regeneration.  The shorter life cycle teaches us how to release worries and enjoy our lives to the fullest in each moment.  We do not love the ladybug any less because of the shorter life cycle, but we cherish the "let go and let God" peace about them.  A ladybug, with it's bold and distinguishing features, brings joy to us, as much as it has a protecting nature, and eats parasites in our gardens. It is amazing that our children, as well as ladybugs, are harmless, delicate, and fearless...regardless of their size.  Ladybugs are messengers of promise as they reconnect us with joy of living and loving life as it is meant to be.  When a ladybug appears, it is telling us to get out of our own way, and allow the wonderful Spirit to enter our lives.  Thank you for opening your wings, lil ones...and for helping us see what a "short life cycle" can hold. ~ Kelly Whistler

(Pearl) Trisomy Tidbit of the Week: A life affected with Trisomy is much like finding a pearl. A pearl is made spontaneously by nature, without human intervention. An oyster is protecting the mollusk from an intruder or irritant, by creating a pearl sac to seal off from damage or harm. God has chosen us to be the oyster for our pearls. Our children, no matter the the threats or damage brought until them, are made into perfection by the harm and damages they encounter. The pain and injuries caused by the irritant is overlooked and adapted into perfect, beautiful, glorious work to behold as rare and Devine. We have much to learn from the pearls of our life! ~Kelly Whistler

(Diamond) Trisomy Tidbit of the Week: The day babies with Trisomy are born, they truly are Diamonds, in the rough. Diamonds are found deep beneath the earth's soil, covered with earth's nature elements. Before diamonds are at their best state, they must be dug from their lowest point in their life, and polished, or treated (if you will) in order to shine as the jewel they are! Once in our loving arms, treated in such caring ways... babies with a Trisomy syndrome become the diamonds that will forever be; our best friend...our diamond. ♥ Trisomy Families are Forever proud to show off our Diamonds! ♥ ~Kelly Whistler

(Bumblebee) Trisomy Tidbit of the Week: Loved ones with Trisomy are as amazingly inspirational as Bumblebees are! Years ago the National (US) Aeronautics and Space Administration tried to explain the flight of a Bumblebee. You see, Bumblebees have such large bodies, and such small wingspans, that the scientist thought there must be an aerodynamic secret as to why Bumblebees are able to fly. Scientists wanted to learn the "secret" to how the Bumblebees fly, in order to use the "secret" to enhance their space programs. So the scientists researched, and studied the Bumblebee from every aspect. They hypothesized, scrutinized, examined, dissected, measured, timed, filmed, observed, compared, quantified, thought about and debated the bumblebee. After weeks of study they came to one conclusion – bumblebees are not capable of flight.... They came up with no answers, but yet the Bumblebee takes flight in front of their very eyes, because the Bumblebee does not know it is not suppose to fly. The Bumblebee does not set limits on itself by following a scientific manuel, and chooses to fly from flower to flower, collecting sweet nectar from every place it lands in it's life, enjoying God's creations as they are. With the Bumblebee's unexplained flight, it is able to pollinate the flowers in it's path/on it's journey. We can (and have) learned so much about Peace and loving our "Bumblebees" just as they are, for the sweet nectar (Love) they gather, among the flowers (family and friends) of our life, and for the opportunity of pollination (promoting growth) that some flowers may otherwise never see in their lifetime. Loved ones with Trisomy, and Bumblebees are to be appreciated as they are, not feared, nor killed, or swatted away....because if they were; the love would not be gathered, and the flowers would not bloom. ~ Kelly Whistler

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