Sunday, August 4, 2013

A reason for everything

Siblings, Niko, Jake, and Kayli, at the car show 
Kayli's surgery was pushed back yet another week last Tuesday, due to complications in her surgeon's personal life.  We have faith that everything happens for God's reason, and in accordance to His Will.  Since her surgery was postponed, Kayli has had the opportunity to go to a car show, we found a long desired canopy for her hospital bed, and just last night had an opportunity to sleep in her new bed set with her brother! Had she gone in for surgery last week, we would not have had the extended memories of her with us, at home! The rescheduled surgery date to install her Halo, will be in 2 days, this Tuesday.  Please pray that Kayli accepts the help and guidance, towards a life with a corrected spine.  Thank you! <3

Kayli's new canopy for her hospital bed

Hugs goodnight, in Kayli's bed

Watching movies in Kayli's bed

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