Friday, August 30, 2013

Kayli's spine surgery was a success!!!

Kayli's spine surgery was a GREAT success!!! She was expected to lose 4+ units of blood, but actually only lost apprx 1 unit of blood!!! Her spine was much, much worse than the Xrays showed. Kayli's spine self fused at the T10-T2 (basically her whole thoracic spine), in the fixed, severe, Lordosis curvature. Kayli was in the most traction she could have effectively been in, before releasing her muscles, tendons, and cutting the auto fusions in her spine. The surgeon was able to release her entire spine, and cut the fusions. Before closing Kayli, he placed the screws and Mersilene tape inside her, with expectations of going back in next week to put the rods in. He could have put the rods in today, but he anticipates that with releasing the fusions and muscles that were holding Kayli's traction success back, Kayli will correct EVEN MORE when put back into traction for a week, before placing the rods!!!
So, Kayli impressed all with the low blood volume loss, the extreme curvatures and unknown fusions, and the success in traction with what she was dealing with! The outcome is already MUCH better than expected, with anticipation of even more correction to come!!! oh, and Kayli's bone density was excellent!!!  We are praising the Lord, Surgeon, Dr's, and Kayli's Krew for all their belief in, and support of Kayli!  #Shout out of Thanks to YOU for also believing in, and praying for Kayli and our family!!! 

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  1. Kayli was in pain, so the dr's increased her pain meds, then her sedation. Kayli kept fighting the sedation, so they increased the meds. Heavily medicated, she finally fell asleep (the goal is to get some rest for the first 24 hours). Unfortunately, the sedation meds were too much and although her oxygen and heart rate were fine, her blood pressure dropped. The team reversed a little of the sedation, and her blood pressure came back up. Kayli does not appear to be in pain, but she is fighting the sedation and refuses to sleep! lol I was talking to her and holding her hand, and she squeezed my hand while looking at me (telling me she is in there, fighting). Kayli's habit is to fight, and truly her strong will, and fight, are part of the reason she is still with us. I explained to her that I know she wants to fight by nature (that is, after all, what her name means...warrior), but that she needs to get some rest. I told her what a magnificent job she has been doing in fighting, and she can do more of it in time, but right now she needs to let her body rest. I reminded her of the promise to "work well with others" in this new journey. I told Kayli we are all here for her, and asked her to let us take care of her while she rests. She is now falling back to sleep on her own accord.... <3