Sunday, September 29, 2013

A new Hearing aid and FM system for Kayli

Kayli is aided in her right ear, and profoundly deaf in her left ear (she is not aided in her left ear). Since she can only hear out of one ear, she is not able to balance/sort out sounds. This means she cannot tell what is background noise vs. someone talking to her. The hearing aid helps her hear tones she could not otherwise hear. The Roger Inspiro, FM system by Phonak, is used to help differentiate background and forefront sounds. This system allows her to clearly hear those who are talking to her, so not only does she hear articulation, but she is also able to focus on the one noise rather than all noises around her in the same decimal. The FM system has a microphone that is to be placed on the speaker (mom, nurse, teacher, siblings, etc) as close to their mouth as possible. Then Kayli wears the receiver (gray attachment on the hearing aid), to receive the speaker's sounds/words. This opens up a whole new world for Kayli! In most circumstances, the FM system is only allowed for in school services. This does not make sense to us, since Kayli (and all others) have opportunities to learn in all settings, not just school settings. Afterall, isn't that what homework is?! Now that Kayli has the FM system at home, she can continue to learn and hear at all times of the day! Kayli's FM system is the newest model/version, that works off gigabytes, not radio transmissions. :D

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