Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kayli's spine surgeries

Kayli did amazingly well with her series of corrective spine surgeries! Here is a recap of her spine odyssey by steps:
Step 1. Implant the Halo, which consists of 8 screws placed into the outer layer of her skull.

Step 2. Go into traction, with weights up to 50% Kayli's body weight (13 lbs).

Step 3. Spine surgery to release muscles, tendons, break thoracic spine fusions, fuse screws to pelvis, and place Mersilene tape in preparation for 3rd surgery. Kayli was expected to need 4-6 units of blood for transfusion, but clotted so well on her own, that she only need apprx 1.5 units of blood transfused! 

Step 4. Go back into traction to correct more since the self fusions were released. 

Step 5. Luque Trolley technique growth rods placed

Step 6. Bracing system and recovery 

Kayli has recovered extraordinarily well, and was released from the hospital, only 8 days after her final spine surgery! 

Kayli is now at home and uses her TLSO (back) and Aspen collar (neck) braces while sitting up, and the Aspen (neck) collar when laying down.  Her spine currently has a dressing on it, but she has not needed any cleaning for her incision because the surgeon glued her outer incision shut.  

Kayli was even feeling well enough to go to the pumpkin farm just weeks after the spine surgeries! 

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