Friday, December 23, 2011

Dr's say "Impossible", Kayli takes it on as her next Challenge!

I have VERY exciting news that I HAVE to share!!! The dr's have told us that Kayli lost her abilities to suck and swallow after the hypoxic event and that her soft palate had NO functionality or movement anymore. They said there is no known treatment to strengthen a soft palate if ALL tone is lost. Today in speech therapy, Kayli had a suck so strong that she almost pulled the tool off the therapist's finger! The palate has to have tone to close off and build a vaccum to suck....Her soft palate is working!!!! 

I kept telling everyone who would listen that I thought Kayli was swallowing!  The Dr's  thought I was crazy! I also told them her cleft hard palate was closing, they said "that's impossible, palates never close on their own"'s recently been confirmed, it's closed! ;-)

I hope that one day, the dr's realize that what is "impossible" to them, is simply the next CHALLENGE for Kayli!!!! Amazing!!! ♥

MY next step is to convince a scientist/dr that Kayi's recovery is worth a study! She has so much to teach the dr's! It is rare that someone survives a 32 minute cardiac arrest AND is functioning!!!! Then, add surviving T18 too!!!!

Merry Christmas, and God Bless!!!! <3 
Kayli's Mom, Kelly


  1. Prasie God for the life of your precious little girl.May she continue to set this world back on it's heels. We are praying for you. My youngest son Sam was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. If you would like to visit our blog it is

    Blessings you all and happy Christmas
    Nicole Watson

  2. I am so so soooo happy for Kayli. I hope your family has a wonderful chirstmas and a happy new years.

  3. wow ... The Impossible is possible because impossible itself says that it's possible because it says: I M possible. I must honestly say that I never heard of T18 in my entire life. You should challenge the doctor that your precious little baby girl's recovery is worth studying because how greatly remarkable it is. Much prayers and God's blessings
    Mother of one and hopefully an other,
    Cindi Vang