Monday, December 26, 2011

Kayli and family had a Very Blessed Christmas!!! Kayli spent Christmas Eve with some extended family and had great interaction with them!  She was looking back and forth at people in conversation, and was tracking her new portable mobile all the while moving her lips as if saying something to us.  Santa gave her a small (portable), soft, musical drum and she loves it!  Kayli was a very happy girl for the Christmas Eve and Day Celebrations!  Kayli's gift to us...On Christmas Eve, Kayli turned in her crib from her back to her left side!  It is amazing to see her purposefully positioning herself!  Her seizures seem to be getting better since she has discontinued the Phenobarbital, and her ear infections are almost healed!  I found that she also LOVES turkey (I snuck her a taste!) and she sucked on a candy cane till it broke! Her (middle) older brother, Jacob warned me..."Mom, if you keep giving her tastes of our food she will be mad because she will want to eat it and can't..."  My response was "well, I guess then she will just have to figure out how to eat again, won't she?!"  LOL  What a Blessing it was to spend Christmas with all 4 of our kiddos, together in arms reach this year!  Thank you God!  <3 Blessings for you all, May your travels be safe, Hugs be tight, and Love be contagious! <3 


  1. Just found out about your blog. I am now a follower and my husband and I will from now on be prayer warriors for little Kayli! She will be in our prayers every night. I pray you guys have a great new year and God continues to keep his hand on your little girl. Also, if there is a way for us to send something to Kayli, I'd love to get in touch with you! God Bless Love, the Henry Family

  2. omg!she is the cutest & sweetest thing ever!god is so good i have u all u all in my prayers each night!lots of love & kisses to her please!god bless u all!<3 ~xoxox~ ~LOVE ALWAYS!~ RAYDENE TREJO ORNELAS.