Thursday, December 22, 2011

Milestones for Christmas!!!

Kayli is now able to reach up and hit her mobile while laying in her crib!!! AND Kayli stood up with her own muscle support without the stander (albeit, leaning against an exercise ball) 3 X's at 2-3 minutes each time! She is doing so much more than the dr's expected with T18, and is single handedly confuting the theory that nobody cannot survive, much less thrive, after an extensive hypoxic event!!! Excellent milestone for Christmas!!! Go Kayli!!!! ♥


  1. I saw Kayli's video on godvine. It touched my heart so much. Even though I am only 14 I wish the best for her and your family. I am praying for her and your family every night for now on. This video makes me want to go out and help all little kids that are dealing with these types of things. I am so happy that she can stand up, I hoping for the best.

  2. So glad you have shared Kayli's successes! Thought you may be interested in the following link: This is a book about Paige Barton a woman who lived into her 40s with T18 and earned to degrees to boot! God bless as you walk the path with your sweet little girl.

  3. I appreciate my little girl, but seeing Kayli's video on Godvine has made me want to hold her closer each time. I must say Kayli your mum has a brave face on the pics, she is a strong woman no wonder you are such a strong angel. The Bible says let every man be a liar but God be true. He says in Psalms 128v5-6, you will see your childrens children. No matter what man say, God has the final say. You are a blessing to your parents life. No human is born without an assignment, therefore until you fulfil your assignment you still have a Blessed life.
    God bless you and family.
    Me and my daughter will keep you in prayer each day.