Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kayli and family are getting ready to go to a Trisomy Conference!!! Our princess will go on the trip with a lot of "luggage". Some may say she is high maintenance, but we like to think her luggage means she is going somewhere we were told she never would!  Packing up all the luggage is a small price to pay for the world she opens up for us! Kayli's list of necessities: air compressor, concentrator, stationary suction machine, portable suction machine, suction catheters, HMEs, Fisher Paykel, pulse oximeter, portable oxygen, feeding pump, extensions, formula, feeding bags, emergency bag, diaper bag, wheelchair, ambu bag,  medications, and clothes....lots of beautiful clothes. Kayli's closet full of clothes mean I selfishly get to see that outfit that I admired on the store rack, on her.  While some children get spankings at her age, my soul fills with joy with every pat on her butt to comfort her because of her developmental delays.  I whisper sweet loving words of encouragement into her tiny heart shaped ears and she fills my soul with an energy like no other.  Kayli's Krusade and this trip leads us to new memories.  Kayli is bringing us across the state to see God's wonderful creations first hand.  Our family will sing travel songs in a confined space so Kayli's hearing impaired ears will be able to hear the joy in our voices.  Kayli will be bringing a lot of luggage, and along with her luggage, she brings memories. We will be introducing and reuniting Kayli with other families with Trisomy loved ones.  Some families will be inspired by Kayli's Krusade, others will inspire us.  We will all share in the joy of Loving a Child with Trisomy.  We will be one, in a world that almost wasn't ours.  So, I say, Bring on the Luggage Kayli!  You are taking us places we never would have gone! At 3 years old, you continue to show us a whole new world!

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