Monday, July 30, 2012

Support Organization for Trisomy (SOFT) Conference

It was a rough start to the SOFT conference for our family (our 1993 van broke down twice and left us in dangerous situations).  Once at the conference, we all had a great time meeting, reuniting, and conversing with other adults and kiddos with rarer Trisomy diagnosis'.  While at the conference, Kayli swam in the hotel pool with other Trisomy Families, saw the monumental St. Louis Arch, strolled in the walk of Fame, got her face painted with hearts (her signature icon), had a charactature picture of herself as a princess drawn, Released balloons for her Trisomy Angel Friends, took many pictures with her Trisomy Families, and went to 2 workshops to learn more about Assistive Technologies and Chiropractic help for digestion. If you are in, or traveling through St. Louis Mo, be sure to look for the billboard that Kayli and some of her Trisomy friends are now proudly appearing on!!!

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