Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Puzzle of life

Imagine your life as a puzzle.  There are many trial by errors as you pick up each piece, and try to fit the piece in, every possible way.  There is a slim chance that the piece will fit with the first try, but the challenge sparks your will, to push forward, and complete the puzzle.  You envision your pride when your struggles produce victory! 
When you get lost in trying to force the wrong piece to fit, you set it down and start working with another piece, for a fresh new look on your puzzle.  If you look at the puzzle box for a broader picture (God), you will find the guidance you need to fit the next piece.  For some, it's easier to do the border pieces first, while others pride themselves in doing it a more challenging way (middle pieces first).  There is no wrong way, nor right...as long as it is your own puzzle you are putting together.  For, if you try fitting your neighbors piece in your puzzle, or extend your pieces to another....neither of the puzzles could ever be completed. Even when a neighbor helps you, it is truly YOU who has taken the journey to complete your puzzle.  It is wise to help each other, in the puzzles of life, for one day you may be the teacher, and others you may be the student. <3 ~ Kelly Whistler 

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