Monday, May 13, 2013

The Mirror

The Mirror: When I look in the mirror, I see love for my children, in my eyes. I see a proud smile, beneath the difficult layers of my life. I admire how well my shirt and yoga pants stand on their own, while promises to get to the laundry yet another day, race through my mind. I see flyaway, frizzy strands of hair that don't stand a chance in the priorities of my life. I see wrinkles that confirm I've woken up to many mornings of life, and a sagging chest that once nourished life beyond my own. The "tire" around my abdomen reminds me of the home that once was, for 4 of God's beautiful children. I swear I can see more wrinkles appear on my cheeks, as I remember the months filled with butterfly kicks and cherish the thoughts of butterfly kisses, in the months to come. I am humbled when I look in the mirror. I recognize my soul, but am not as familiar with the complete image thrown back at me. I am not opposed to getting more familiar with a glorified long as my soul dominates the image before me, when I look in the mirror. ~ Kelly Whistler

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