Friday, May 24, 2013

Please say prayers of comfort and guidance for our family

Please pray for comfort, as we go forward with our decision of spine surgery for Kayli. I'm leaning on my life motto, "Do your best and give God the rest", knowing that it is ultimately in God's and Kayli's hands... but I keep second guessing our decisions for her. She really needs this surgery, but it is a MAJOR surgery and I don't want to lose her, although I know that is selfish of me. I keep thinking we may have more time with her if she doesn't have the surgery, but then again, we may have more time with her if she DOES have the surgery, and her life will be much easier with the results of the surgery. As her parent, I want to go to sleep at night without regrets, knowing I did everything I could for her, to help her in life. It is such a personal journey, and I thank you all for respecting and supporting us in this amazingly Blessed journey we have been given, with our very loved and adored, Kayli. We would chose the same pathways for each of our 4 children, and we have! Surgery for us, means hope in our future together. Whether we make it through our journey a day, a week, or years...we know that we are inseparable spiritually, and God has Blessed us. Thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers for guidance and comfort! God Blessings to  You, Now and Forever. <3 

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