Thursday, July 4, 2013

Coming off the Ketogenic diet

Since we started weaning her off the Ketogenic diet (Mon) and started the Elecare (formula), Kayli's seizures went from continuous (awake and asleep) to only 1 or 2 a day!!! I could be wrong, but my theory is that she was starving on the Ketogenic diet (she drastically lost weight and was clearly not getting enough nutrients). Once her body and brain were getting enough nutrients, her brain was able to focus on healing rather than surviving without! Kayli has made drastic progress in the last 2 days! She smiles, turns to look at us, "talks" with her mouth movements, and even has the energy to squeeze our hands now! She has a lot of recovery work ahead of her, but we are all in awe of how well Kayli is finally coming out of it! She's doing it again! Not only was Kayli given another miracle (Thanks be to God!!!), but she is now showing signs that she may be able to completely recover!!! # tears of joy

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