Monday, July 8, 2013

Kayli is preparing for a surgery success!!

We took Kayli to see her previous Occupational therapist (OT) and Physical therapist (PT) today, for assessments.  The PT showed us ways to help elongate Kayli's spine, so she responds better to the Halo and gets increased correction in her spine curvatures.  The OT showed us how to help Kayli gain some abilities back (that she lost from the Potassium overdose/V-tach accident)!  We are charged up, and ready to give Kayli every chance to succeed!!! Just the short time in the therapist's office, seems to have sparked something in Kayli too!  She was even whistling out of her trach again! lol All aboard the Kayli train...toot toot!!! lol <3 

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