Friday, July 19, 2013

Kayli's Audiology appt

Kayli has her audiology appt later today/Friday (rescheduled from last Friday). We will be ordering her a new hearing aid, and an FM system!  Many people with Trisomy have lower set ears, with narrow ear canals. This can make it hard to hear and/or test hearing. In February, Kayli was given an ABR (auditory brain response) test, while under anesthesia. It showed her hearing has not changed. She is profoundly deaf in her left ear (she would not hear a train horn if it was blowing right next to her), and hard of hearing in her right ear. She is currently aided in her right ear, but because her ears are lower set and somewhat thin/flimsy, her hearing aid does not stay on her ears well. We hope to find a more suitable aid for her. The FM system will work like a microphone and receiver. We will talk into a microphone that is wireless around our neck, and the receiver will be attached to her hearing aid so that she can hear us clearer. If you are deaf in one ear, it is very hard to decipher what sounds are prominent, and what are background noises. The FM system will help her distinguish between the sounds. Now if I could just find those ABR results to bring with us tomorrow..... lol

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