Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kayli, 7 weeks old. Original blog date is June 14, 2009

ScArY times...

by Kelly Essem Whistler on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 4:32pm
It was a scary night last night. Kayli's reflex system is maturing, and she is able to "protect her airway" now, which means her gag reflex is in full force (YAH!). The down side of this is that she is fighting some secretions that make their way down her throat (common when an ng tube is in) as she learns how to control her reflex. Well, her feeding tube (ng tube) came out last night... rather she pulled it out (fiesty, she is!). I am trained to put it back in. When I tried, she clamped her throat to protect it and thereby stopped the ng tube from passing in her throat. Unfortunately she also shuts off her airway while she does this. Miss Kayli started turning blue on Mommy (ScArY!!!) So I had to call the nurse out a couple of times to help me with her. BUT all is well, and Kayli is doing great! We just have to breathe in her face and quickly put it in if it comes out again. (Mommy is still a little shaken up though).
Her saturation rate is still in the high 80s / 90s and she is refusing the air (again, our sweet pea fights the air because she can breathe on her own).
So all in all, it is great that Kayli has fully developed her natural reflexes... but scary while she perfects them all the same.

One step back... but more importantly two steps forward!

oh, and the cardiologist had a hard time with her echo (ultrasound) yesterday because Kayli is now rolling on her side!!!!! lol

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