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Kayli's surgeries: Nissen wrap, abdominal hernia repair. Original blog date April 13, 2010

Kayli's surgeries: Nissen wrap, Abdominal hernia repair, Exploritory abdomen (intermitent blockages)

by Kelly Essem Whistler on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 12:44pm
Yah!!!! Kayli is out of surgery and getting comfortable in her PICU room! We came up to the floor and saw her rolling through the halls! :-) She did GREAT! The surgeon was able to get a good central line in her left femur artery. He did a Nissen fundoplycation (wrap) so if she refluxes there is less chance for her to aspirate (reflux into her lungs, which can cause pnemonia). He was also able to close her abdomenal hernia and made her exterior scars prettier. :-) He was able to pull out her intestines and get a good look at her many adhesions from previous surgeries. Her colon is unexplainably enlarged now, but no other abnormalities were found there. The surgeon did find a Meckels Diverticulum in her Illius (small intestine). This is a congenital (birth) condition found in only 2% of our population. If the Meckel has thickened, it can cause bleeding ulcers (which can lead to death). Fortunately for Kayli, the surgeon had a reason to go in searching and happened upon the Meckels (hers was thickened already). This condition is not the cause of her digestive problems. It was just a lucky catch! Things happen for a reason...the "other" pediatric surgeon missed it and if we didn't acquire this surgeon's help, it would have gone unnoticed! The Meckel is being biopsied, but the surgeon thinks it was on it's way to doing harm to Kayli because it was already thickened!
The digestive problems and enlarged colon are solely due to a functionality problem that came upon her when the "other" surgeon accidentally placed her G tube in her colon instead of her stomach. Unfortunately for Kayli, she will most likely suffer from the affects of the mishap surgery for the remainder of her life.

Upon seeing Kayli now, in her PICU room:
Kayli has been very restless. Coming off sedation, she was very angry with the nurses. She woke up crying vocally, turned red, and had many tears. Kayli was in a lot of pain, which can cause an increase in seizures. She was having 15 second duration seizures about every 30 seconds. Her heart rate shot up to the low 200s and she de sated a few times into the 60s while having seizures in her PICU room. The attentive nurses and doctors here are supporting her recovery with many seizure meds and pain meds. They have noted aloud "Kayli is fighting the meds we are giving her"! She is proving once again she wants things her way, and has already presented her temper tantrums to them (right out of surgery!) lol She is sleeping peacefully now on a hefty dose of pain meds and seizure meds that make her pretty sedated.

Many commens have been made about Kayli's adorable "tu tu" outfit from DisneyWorld, her gorgeous long eyelashes, and yes....they've even commented on the many blankets from home (so she smells our scents instead of the hospital smell). The nurses and doctors here are supportive of her stubborn demeaner and acknowledge her temper tantrums as a strength of determination and a will to live.

Thank you all for your very generous prayers and support!!! You have made a difference in our lives today! I looked upon you for supportive words and prayers and you delivered!!!! I am so grateful for you, my family! I was once told by a close friend of mine.....friends are the family you choose! I couldn't agree more!!!

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