Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rotovirus immunization another miraculous ending! Original blog date June 26, 2009

Update on our Sweet Pea, Kayli aka Miracle Child

by Kelly Essem Whistler on Friday, June 26, 2009 at 2:36pm
Kayli got her vaccinations on Monday, including the live virus, Rotovirus. On Tues. night she had a fever that went away when in the breeze from the air conditioner and then with a fan on her. I figured she was fine since her temp. went down without Tylenol. The next morning, she looked grey to me. I asked the nurse and Rob is they thought she looked grey, and they did not. When I went to give her a feeding (around 2:30pm) she still looked grey to me, so after setting up her feeding, I checked her oxygen saturation rate. It was in the 60's (normal is 95-100%). We called an ambulance when she dropped in the 40's. I gave her some oxygen (100%) and her color came back (she WAS grey) and her sats came back up into the 90's. She was taken to the hospital. She had a fever and needed oxygen to keep her sats up. They ran some tests with the suspicion that she may be fighting a cold, virus, etc. They all came back normal. They xrayed her chest to check for pnemonia, which was negative. She was then transported to CDH (a level 1 hospital). She was then given an Echo (ultrasound of the heart). She was given tylenol again, and her fever came down. Her sats remained in the upper 90's even after they took her off oxygen. Kayli was looking very good, her pulse was down, sats up, and no fever. The cardiologists at CMH (via phone/computer) compaired her Echo with a previous one and decided her heart function looked weaker, which means her heart was about to give out (tired). She was then transported to CMH (children's memorial hospital in chicago). They rushed her here immediately and told me things were not good, she may need emergency surgery or may not get a chance to have the surgery at all. When she arrived, she had no fever, her sats were 100% with no oxygen and no air canula on (she was completely breathing on her own). And her heart rate was the lowest it's ever been (very good and now in normal range!). She still looked wonderful! I asked for an Echo because she looked back to herself and the last Echo was in the morning when she wasn't looking so good. They said she can't heal herself, and definitely not that quickly! (They don't know my kids!!!)
They were too busy to do the Echo last night, but put her on a very low dose of heart med at 10 pm last night. At 8am this morning, with a very minimal amount of medication (slow drip>not a full dose yet) she had another Echo.... Her heart is strong again, and fully functioning! She did it! She is truly working miracles! Thank you sooooo MUCH for all YOUR prayers!!! She is doing the impossible, and fighting against all the odds! She will stay here overnight just so they can watch her (they can't believe it) and the plan is then to send her back home tomorrow. She will go home to gain weight for the surgery ( in about 3-4 weeks). We are truly blessed to witness such miracles in her!
We love you Kayli!!!

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