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Kayli and her G tube journey. Original blog date Dec. 24, 2009

Kayli and her G tube journey

by Kelly Essem Whistler on Thursday, December 24, 2009 at 8:00am
Kayli had surgery in the Emergency OR yesterday. 2 weeks and 6 days ago she had a G tube placed in her abdomen to replace the NG tube in her nose (for feeding). The surgeon placed the G tube in her colon instead of her stomach. Kayli was vomitting brown and green fluids. She was weak, her heart rate was in the low 80s. Kayli was in pain. She was having seizures. The dr increased her blood pressure medicine because her blood pressure wasn't stable. Kayli developed pnemonia because she apirated the discharge she was throwing up. The surgeon did not recognize the symptoms Kayli was showing. Upon asking questions, I was able to figure out that she wasn't absorbing the stuff they were getting through her G tube. I also came to the conclusion that the pnemonia was from the brown and green stuff she was throwing up (poop). I relayed me concerns to the surgeon, and she finally realized the extent of Kayli's condition. When Rob and I got back from our Make a Wish trip and realized how bad she was doing (they did not relay to us the extent of Kayli's condition), we asked for a GI dr. to examine her. We were shocked to discover the medical team hadn't explored this option. The GI dr ran some tests and found Kayli's G tube to be placed in her colon instead of her stomach. Kayli wasn't absorbing the medicines, nor the food she was getting through her new G tube because our colons do not absorb. Our colon is just a "storage area". Kayli was throwing up because they were filling her colon past the extent her colon could contain the fluids. The surgeon said this is the first time in twenty years she has ever done this. Unfortunately, it happened to our daughter. I asked the surgeon if it was because Kayli had an abnormal anatomy. She said "no, Kayli's anatomy is normal, I just placed it wrong". The surgeon "guesses" that when she pushed the G tube in, she took the colon with the tube. She said the tube went through her colon, and into her stomach. Keep in mind, the surgeon also punctured Kayli's instestine when originally placing the G tube and had to go into her abdomen to patch the hole. The surgeon can only guess as to why she did this. She can not explain for certain how or why she placed the tube the way she did.

Going into surgery yesterday, Kayli was malnurished. She has lost more than 2 lbs. since the surgery. The pnemonia she developed is from feces in her lungs. She is now getting triple antibiotics, since feces is toxic to that part of her body.

The surgeon went in yesterday to pull out the G tube, patch her colon, and put the G tube in her stomach. When the surgeon took the G tube out of her colon, Kayli's feces poured out "free" into her abdomen. The surgeon cleaned it out as best as she could.

Kayli will not be home for Christmas now, but is in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit). She is in extremem pain (which they have not been able to control for her). She is not able to sleep because of the pain. She also has a fever greater than 102, coming out of the surgery. The surgeon stated it is normal to have a low grade fever, but not more than 101.

Please say a prayer for her. She is stable, as she is a strong, independent baby. Unfortunately, the boys have not seen her for weeks. We are very sad that she will not be able to spend her first Christmas with our family. Rob and I will be visiting her frequently, but it will seperate our family, since the boys are not allowed to see her due to the hospital's "nobody under the age of 18 allowed".

Going forward, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! I am excited to be celebrating Jesus' birth! I am just as excited to see my boys open their presents (this always brings me such joy!)

God Bless you all!

Love Always,
Kelly and family

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