Monday, January 23, 2012

I. am. exhausted.... I had people (dr's therapists, nurses, aids, etc) lining up outside Kayli's room at the hospital to speak with me (I'd rather this, than nobody helping Kayli!), got in a brief visit from one of Kayli's home care nurses, went home to be with my boys, went to do an errand with the family, got caught up in a call from MAW while in a store, and now am trying to find the energy to feed the boys, shower, and get back to be with Kayli.  There is so much to do, and my days are flying by too quickly! Before I can go back, I have to put together a letter to move forward on the installation of the lift.  And, I have to order Kayli's supplies... Days like this, I wish I could "work" in my sleep! lol The surgeon consulted on Kayli twice today (I guess the first time, I fell asleep and was out cold and he couldn't even wake me up! The hospitalist said the same thing!).  It sounds like all involved agree there is something going on in Kayli's abdomen.  The surgeon is going over her past abdominal xrays to look for a pattern, then is entertaining the idea of an enima with dye to see where the system is going awry.  His first concern is a tear or blockage in her small intestine, then blockage in her large intestine, and also a concern that her bowels (colon?) is/are not working...which could mean a surgery to remove that portion of bowel?  The urologist suggested that if the colon is not working anymore and is built up with fecal matter or swollen with infection, it could be pushing up against the bladder and compromising the function of the bladder (releasing urine). I can't Thank you enough for all the prayers and well wishes!!! God Bless you! I hope to hear good news when I get back to the hospital!


  1. Bless her sweet heart. I don't know you but I believe in the power of prayer. Will keep Kayli and your family in my prayers. Will pray for the dr's and nurses as well. God Bless.

  2. Hey kayli's Mom and Dad, know that God has done nothing wrong,i know this hurts and i hurt with you; know that kayli is a miracle and a blessing...I'am claiming healing for Kayli in the name of Jesus.This that happened to kayli was for a reason that we will never understand, only god knows.every thing he does he do it so he can get the Glory i will continue to pray for you and yours. I love yall..Kathy Newberry from memphis, Tennessee. P.s.monday January 23 was my Birthday.