Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kayli is home!

Kayli's hospital stay was because she had an ear infection that wasn't treated properly by her ENT.  The bacteria grew to be a sinus infection and ear infection that needed IV antibiotics.  The same bacteria is known to cause Bronchitis and Pneumonia, but Kayli was fortunate to not get those! :D I believe she also had a tummy infection (she had blood clots in her stomach, and was flinching when her tummy was touched.  She also refused to lay down the first 3 days of her hospital stay).  She is doing VERY well now, and is smiling at her Daddy, Brothers, Nurses, and Therapists!  She is truly a happy kiddo!  We are happy to have her home with us!

I hope she stays well enough to travel to a FUNraiser held for Noah's Never Ending Rainbow this month! It is a worthy non-profit organization, please let me know if you would like to join us for the FUN!

Kayli was accepted in the Make a Wish program, and we are planning a trip to Disney where she will get together with many of her Trisomy Families, and some Friends of our Family!

You can learn more about Noah's Never Ending Rainbow on fb, or on the web @ 

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