Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A race against time

Kayli had her pediatric pre-operation appt today, so her dr could examine her and give a history and physical report to the surgeon and anesthesiologist, for surgery clearance.  He said Kayli's spine has greatly changed (for the worse) and her recent breathing issues are directly related to her rapidly progressive spinal curvatures.  Today, we were instructed to take her to the ER for immediate medical attention if we need to increase her oxygen any more.  The Dr. said she may not make it much longer at home without the support that the hospital's intensive care unit can give her.  We are all crossing our fingers and praying that Kayli can make it another week at home, so she can be with us at her Celebration of Life this Sunday instead of on life support at the hospital.  Her spine surgery cannot come soon enough! It appears that every month that goes by, her spine curvatures are progressing at a rate of at least 10 degrees a month!  Typically, a 5 degree increase per YEAR is average progression, so Kayli's is drastically progressing and is limiting her chest capacity to expand her lungs and breathe.  Please keep those prayers coming!  We want Kayli to stay home for another week before the surgeon is ready for her, and she goes inpatient to prepare for spine surgery! Although we know what WE want, we also know that God has the plan and only He knows of the perfect timing.  God has done amazing things through our family, and given us such wonderful insight to His miracles among us. We continue to testify of His love for Kayli and all of His children.