Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kayli, with Trisomy 18, survives "incompatible with life" again!!!

Kayli was rushed by ambulance to the hospital today, because after 2 newly prescribed supplemental potassium meds were given, her heart rate accelerated to more than 200 bpm and them dropped to as low as 38 bpm (beats per minute) while in the ambulance.  She was unresponsive, yet her whole body twitched uncontrollably.  Once at the hospital, emergency meds were given and Kayli was not responding.  It was not looking good, and the paddles were pulled out. There was nothing stable about Kayli's condition, and everyone's face showed the grim reality that Kayli was not going to pull through this.  The team tried the emergency medication a second time, but it still wasn't affecting her status.  Her heart rate was quickly approaching 300 bpm (beats per minute).  As it climbed in the high 280's, I asked to have a moment with her, and I put my lips to her ear.  As my tears fell on her face, for the first time in her life, I begged my daughter to stay with me.  I told her I was not ready for her to go yet.  I told her that I know it's selfish of me to ask, but I needed her to stay with me.  While talking to Kayli, her heart rate started dropping.  Even with all the frantic exclamations throughout the room, there seemed to be a break in scurried shuffling of feet, as I could hear sighs of relief swell in the air.  Kayli was not out of the woods, but there was a glimmer of hope left.  Kayli was now trying to fight whatever it was that threatened her life.  The dr came in the room to whisper the blood results to fellow dr's... "her Potassium level..." I felt my heart jam in my throat.  " at 8".  Because of the critically low Potassium level yesterday, I knew immediately that an 8 was high.  I asked the dr how bad the 8 was....what does this number mean?  What can we do?!! I was shocked to hear the words that I had heard so many times because of Kayli's diagnosis, but never did I think I'd hear them now.  "Her level is at 8... which is incompatible with life".  Incompatible with life.... damn those 3 words!  This time not to describe Kayli, but to describe the new found condition she was in.  The dr went on to say nobody can survive with such high Potassium levels.  It is a fatal condition even at a lesser number.  She has fragile heart conditions, and yet her heart is withstanding this fatally high level that directly affects even the most fit of hearts.  As the room of people dealt with the shock and grim prognosis, the dr ordered emergency meds to try to back out of the extremely high number.  Over time, the Flight for Life was called, and Kayli's ride was being prepared to take her to another hospital.  She was far from stable, but we needed to get her from point A to point B if she was to have any chance of surviving this.  Kayli's next ride was uneventful, in fact, her stats seemed to get better during the short trip.  Before we left, I asked for records of her stats, and a cd copy of her chest xray.  Once at the new hospital, I looked at her medical records, and found that Kayli's condition was actually worse than they thought it was.  Her Potassium level was more than 8!  I was told others have passed away with levels in the low 7's and yet Kayli's level was at 8.2! Her blood sugar level was 227! After much work, I now sit at her bedside, where Kayli is nearly stable now.  She has some body twitches that did not go away with Ativan, but she is now finally sleeping.  We are very happy to see her tiny body finally resting and hopefully recovering.  The nurses and dr's agree....if you say nobody can survive it, you have not met Kayli yet. Against all odds and scientific belief, Kayli has once again survived the impossible!  She had a Potassium level of 8.2, and a heart rate close to 300 bpm and survived!  SHE DIDN'T EVEN GO INTO CARDIAC ARREST!!!  We have not yet cancelled Kayli's Celebration of Life, because with Kayli and God, we never know what tomorrow will hold. I hope to update you with wonderful news later this morning... until then, Good night, and God Bless! <3 

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  1. Oh my, Kelly. What a terrifying experience, yet how special, too. Kayli is an amazing gift, but you already know that. My prayers are still with you.