Monday, June 10, 2013

Kayli update~ stable condition

Kayli update: Kayli's Potassium level has gone down to just below the normal range, so nothing serious, but something to continue watching.  Her Sodium levels are only 2 points away from normal range, so they are coming down nice and slow (like we want), and her tremors are also decreasing.  Her blood sugar level is remaining in normal range. 

Explanation: We think the reason Kayli's Potassium (K) levels were extremely low, requiring a hospital visit on Friday, was because the increased Xopenex nebs (breathing treatments) lowered her K levels (as a medication side effect).  The ER gave her a K-rider (Potassium via IV) which raised her K level, and since we didn't give Kayli any more Xopenex nebs, her K levels stabilized instead of dropping again, which eliminated her need for further K supplements.  A member of the Ketogenic diet team ordered K supplements, thinking the low K levels were a result of the Ketogenic diet.  When Kayli was given the K supplements, it raised her K to a lethal level.  The PICU dr said that anybody else with a typical heart would not have survived the swift change in K levels.  But since Kayli's heart has been through so much, this was just another variable for her heart to adapt to! lol  Kayli's was in Vtech, which means her upper heart quads were not beating, and her bottom quads were quivering...yet she pulled out of it rather than going into cardiac arrest!  Kayli is certainly a fighter, and has been Blessed with another miracle! <3 

I am sorry that I have not gotten back to those of you who have called, texted, emailed, and/or messaged me.  Our day was a bright one, spent with visitors who share such an amazing love for Kayli!  I can't wait to post pictures of her cake that Kim so graciously delivered!  I hope to catch up on posting pictures, tomorrow.  Thank you all for standing by us, supporting us, and praying for Kayli!  Good night and God Bless! <3  

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