Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Heart issues and K level issues, but she is getting better!!!

We Believe!!!!  Yesterday, we found some blood in Kayli's ear and we were afraid it may have been a sign that she had blood on her brain, but it turns out it is an ear infection! (phew!). Then when she slept last night, we found that her heart was skipping beats frequently. A quick call to the Cardiologist, and we were somewhat set at ease, hearing that it wasn't life threatening (although still a concern). Before going to bed last night, I stood by her side, until she started responding as I stroked her hair!!!! This morning, Kayli got a halter monitor ( a monitoring system for her heart rhythm), which she is wearing for 24 hours. This will give the specialist a better idea of what her heart is doing. Kayli is not completely herself, but she IS getting her feisty attitude back!! She has even started tracking us with her eyes again!!! She isn't squeezing our hands yet, but we are starting to see wonderful signs that she may completely pull through this!  Her Potassium level came back critically low again today, and we are treating her at home for it. The IV antibiotics are working, and her wbc's are down. We hope to see better K levels in the morning when she gets more blood work done at the hospital. We will turn her halter monitor in tomorrow, and take her in for an echo on Friday. Thank you so very much for all your thoughts, love, and prayers!!! God is answering our prayers with grace and mercy!! He has Blessed us with another day with Kayli!!! 

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