Monday, June 10, 2013

Kayli is home!! :D

Kayli update:  She is home in her own bed tonight, and resting comfortably, although she is not herself yet.  Her UA culture shows typical cathing colonized bacteria, but in order to release her from the hospital today, I agreed to give her IV antibiotics via her chest port at home until the results clear her of infection. Fortunately, since I was trained on giving IV antibiotics, Kayli does not have to be inpatient for the treatments and is able to be home tonight.  Once the culture comes back, we will know if she needs to continue the antibiotics or not.  Kayli will be getting a blood draw from the comforts of her own room for the next 3 days, and we will be giving her more appropriate doses of K (Potassium).  Fortunately, the pharmacist helped us find the overall, devastating reason for the high K levels, so we are aware of the mistakes made and are making every attempt to prevent it from happening again. Please keep Kayli and family in your prayers, as we recover from the recent trauma. Kayli's Celebration of Life, and her spine surgery will be rescheduled.  I hope we did not inconvenience anyone by cancelling at the last minute. Thank you for all your thoughts, love, and prayers! <3 

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