Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At Peace with the change of plans

Change of plans....the nursing agency called 30 minutes before the ambulance was to show up to take Kayli home, to tell me we don't have an overnight nurse anymore (for tonight). I was not pleased to say the least, and can admit that I was very short with the nursing agency director.  How could he have messed up again?!!!,  I thought to myself as the anger brewed inside me. I have limited supplies left from home, and even though the plan to go home was only a half hour away...something told me to continue to be frugal with the supplies.  

After cancelling the ambulance, the dr's come in to say they are sorry it didn't work out to go home.  The dr noticed Kayli has been struggling with her secretions.  I had her on 100% oxygen and she still wasn't keeping her saturations up.  Her chest is pulling (meaning she is gasping for air and her chest is caving in with each breath).  At first the dr was going to do a chest xray and give her more medication to decrease her secretions.  Then I realized that respiratory didn't lower her humidification system.  Not only is it very hot in her room, but the heat was on high (on her humidification equipment).  When respiratory lowered the settings, she realized it doesn't go down to Kayli's regular level.  The RT lowered the heat as far as she could, and is working on getting another system in Kayli's room.  

I sit here looking at Kayli and she is already breathing more comfortably.  Her oxygen is lowered back down to 50%, and her saturations are mid 90s now. :D

At first I was upset with the nursing agency, but I was quickly forced to look at what is truly important in life.  Caring for each other.  If my attention hadn't turned towards working together to find a better care plan for Kayli, then I likely would still be sitting here in anger.  I could have dwelled on how my plan had not worked out, but instead I sit here Thanking God.  I thank Him for keeping myself and my daughter safe tonight.  Kayli is safe at the hospital, getting treatments.  For all I know, God's plan to keep us here was to save myself from a horrible car accident, or a mishap in the ambulance.  I may never know why God chose for us to stay in the hospital another night, but I do know that God is good ALL the time.  Even when our guard is down and we think we have it figured out....God has a way of reminding us that we don't have to.  For whatever His reason, it is God's plan that we stay in the hospital tonight, and I am grateful! 
Oh, and Thank You God, for reminding me that You will always make sure that I have the supplies in life that I need.  I know You were the "something" that told me to be frugal with the supplies, even when I thought I'd have enough! ;-)  

If it is God's Will, we will be leaving for home in the morning! <3 

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