Saturday, January 26, 2013

On to day 2 of the Ketogenic diet!

Kayli's first night on the Ketocal and formula mix went well!  She will continue the first step until 11am (another hour) and will take a break until around 3pm.  Then she will move on to the second step, which is 2/3 Ketocal and 1/3 Elecare.  

We have been watching Kayli's abdomen for distention (bloating) to make sure she is tolerating the new diet.  Typically, a person might throw up if he/she is not tolerating the new diet, but when Kayli got her Gtube placed (feeding tube), she also had a nissen wrap (fundoplication) which restricts her from throwing up/protects her esophagus/airway from GERD. 

I am told that the Ketogenic diet can cause constipation later in the weeks to come, but as right now it should not be an issue because she is still partially on formula.  For Kayli, the stools are loose (and do not have a pleasant odor!)  now.  She was sleeping, but her heart rate was climbing to the 170s...once her diaper was changed, her heart rate came down. lol Kayli does not like a dirty diaper.  Needless to say, we are holding off on the potty training during this transition and hospital stay. lol


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