Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Miracle Girl is Potty Training and Gets Her Cast Off!!

For about 2 weeks now, Kayli has been waiting for hours to pee (in her diaper), then "dumps" and leaks through her diaper. This can be a sign of being ready to potty train, and I wondered if that is what Kayli was trying to do. We have always tried being one step ahead of Kayli, while trying to anticipate which direction she is going (with her abilities). Kayli went ALL DAY without voiding or stooling, so I put her on her bathroom toilet. Within 2 minutes, she stooled and peed in the toilet!!! She is Amazing!!! I cheered for her, and she smiled! I told her what a big girl she is! More smiles!! Kayli never ceases to amaze me.... 32 minutes without oxygen and not only did she survive, but now she is potty training! WOW!!! Thank You God!!! ♥  

We put Kayli on the toilet again yesterday, and she went potty again!!! Kayli's day nurse witnessed Kayli's miraculous ability herself! If I did not see Kayli's abilities myself, I probably wouldn't believe it! lol  There is so much more to Kayli, than her body allows her to be!  Her Spirit is so much stronger than her body, and I am so very grateful that her spirit is carrying her through life! Imagine the things she will say when we find a way for her to communicate with us!!! <3 

On another note, Kayli went to the pre-operation appt yesterday for her heel surgery, and the ortho took her cast off!  The Dr. said Kayli is healing well, albeit slower than an average rate.  The fact that Kayli is healing her fractured bones is a good sign because her bone density has not been impressive in the past.  One of her leg bones is "barely there" (very thin), as the dr. put it.  The dr. was impressed that she did not have ANY skin breakdown.  This is important because we now know that skin breakdown with the spinal growing rods surgery may not be an issue!!! Overall, the dr. is impressed with Kayli's abilities to heal and is planning on surgery to release her heel tendons so Kayli can stand again! Kayli will have the heel release surgery the second week of February! For now, she is enjoying the unrestricted ability to kick her legs! lol   

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