Monday, January 28, 2013

Potty Training doesn't stop at home!

Kayli has unbelievable will power! lol She has not stooled since Friday (day she was admitted to the hospital). I figured we could stop potty training while in the hospital...but Kayli didn't appreciate my suggestion. The nurses are getting concerned about her not pooping, so I told the nurse how she is wanting to go on the big girl potty now at home. I told the nurse I could try putting her on the toilet here, to see if that was why she wasn't pooping in the hospital. Within 2 minutes of sitting her on the big girl potty, she peed, then pooped! lol I asked her if she was done, and she sighed out of her trach (meaning she has something to say). I waited, then asked her if she wanted to stay on the potty and she didn't sigh, just stared at me. I waited, then again asked her if she wanted to get off the potty....another sigh.  Kayli is treading beyond anywhere we ever imagined she could!  

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