Monday, January 28, 2013

Still at the Hospital

Kayli is still at the hospital today. I awoke bedside to Kayli's cries this morning.  Once her diaper was changed, she quieted down and fell back asleep.  She has been sleeping since, but I have a concern that her heart rate is dropping down to 60 when she is in a deep sleep.  Her cardiologist has suggested that Kayli's heart rate not drop to the 70's unless she comes right back up, so it is a minor concern (of mine) that she is dipping to the low 60's even though she eventually comes back up.  

  Kayli has not produced any Ketones as of yet.  There have been several attempts to get blood from Kayli so the dr's can run lab work, but Kayli is being very stingy with her blood (and she is a VERY hard stick!). Around 1pm today, 2 or 3 dr's will be in her room trying to access an artery to attain blood for labs.  Currently, there has not been talk of  going home today, nor of staying here another night.  I think they will be reassessing her hospital stay in accordance with her Ketone production and/or blood levels once they achieve access to her blood.

Kayli is stable, just being stubborn,  and as always...doing things at her pace, and in her own unique way. <3

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