Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kayli is going on a diet!!!

 This weekend, Kayli is going to be admitted into a hospital to start a diet!  Sounds silly for a 3 year old to be on a diet, right?  lol Well, not this diet!  Kayli is going to trial the Ketogenic Diet!  The Ketogenic diet is a special high-fat diet that is used for seizures that are difficult to treat.  

Because of the 32 minutes Kayli survived without oxygen, her brain was reduced in size and has challenges in the brain signal pathways.  As her brain continues to develop with the unique formation, she now has epilepsy, and was diagnosed with LGS, or Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, which is a difficult seizure disorder to treat.  Kayli's has minimal seizures, lasting only up to 45 seconds at a time but medications are not helping to stop the seizures.  There are many side effects to seizure medications, including but not limited to; more seizures, lethargy, and swollen gums (difficulty teething).One of the current seizure medications she is on is causing her to drop her heart rate and oxygen level when she is in a seizure.  This can be hard on her lungs and heart. 

We hope to eliminate her seizures and medication side effects, with the Ketogenic diet.  Within a couple of months, we should know if it is the right treatment for her. Please pray that Mommy and Daddy learn this diet adequately in the brief hospital stay, in order to support Kayli in the new hope for seizure relief! 

For more information on the Ketogenic Diet, please go to: The Charlie Foundation  

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