Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Admission to the hospital for testing today, and surgery tomorrow.

It has been a difficult day, but nothing I can't handle! We started off the day on time, but had a minor set back when the elevator to go from the parking lot to the bldg was broken.  We waited for 2 security guards to lift me (in my wheelchair) down the stairs! I got to my hopsital room about 45 minutes late by the time we went through registration. By the time we got to my hospital room, I was fast asleep ... 

I got in the hospital bed, was weighed, and dressed in a gown from home.  I dropped another lb. in weight! :-( 

Then while we waited for the NICU nurses to put an IV in, Mommy set up my hospital bed for playtime! :D 

After 2 NICU nurses and a PICU nurse made 6 attempts to get an IV line in, I fell asleep....without an IV in place. :-(  Good thing I am getting my chest port replaced tomorrow!

My home care nurse braided my hair for me! <3

I am now in the anesthesiologist's care, and he is trying to get an IV in me so I can get fluids and and do not dehydrate again.  Then the dr will give me medication to put me to sleep while he runs some tests on me. 


  1. Braided hair and pink striped socks: priceless! She looks so cute, so girly. Hope they got the IV in... best of luck tomorrow!

  2. Kayli is doing well tonight. :D The anesthesiologist had a very hard time getting her IV in, but after some sweat poured and time elapsed, he was finally able to access her vein in her left foot. :D Kayli's surgery is scheduled for 10am. The surgery is minimally invasive, and since she already has a secured airway (trach) and an IV, there should not be any issues. :D The staff here love her, and have been visiting her with nothing but admiration for our little girl! Some of the staff are even stopping me in the hallways and asking about Kayli, while others are peeking in Kayli's room with a huge grin on their faces! It feels wonderful to see so many medical professionals looking after her and supporting her well being! ♥