Friday, April 26, 2013

Cautiously Stable!

Update on Kayli: Are you ready for some good news?!! We sure are! The kidney ultrasound came back negative of any issues (good news). The blood work is coming back slightly higher wbc, but still no indication that it is from infection because she was in a lot of stress (bagging) and is now on steroids. Both cause increased wbc (good news). Her Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium levels are out of dangerously low range, and increasing well (improvement). Kayli is still on the vent, but they have been able to decrease her oxygen to 75% now, and are starting the slow wean off the vent (improvement). Kayli is breathing over the vent (good news). She is still dropping oxygen rates considerably when on her left side, but she is starting to tolerate being on her back now (improvement). We have not had to bag her since this morning (improvement). Today's chest x-ray looks the same as yesterday, which means still no sign of pneumonia (good news). Her trach sputum shows Graham Negative Rods, but she has colonized Pseudomonis (a graham neg. rod) so unless the culture continues to grow, she does not have an infection. She is still needing significant support, but with the support, she is showing great improvements! The radiologist examined her chest x-rays closer (I wanted to make sure the pain wasn't from a broken rib, due to her low bone density), and verified she does not have any broken bones! (good news). Kayli is not being quite as sensitive to movements, CPT, and/or breathing treatments tonight! :D We cannot say she is on the road to recovery, because we have yet to find the reason for her quick decline, but she is definitely doing better than she was this morning. The team is saying, she is stable because of the great amount of support she is getting now. She is on IV Zosyn, a powerful drug that seems to be helping her UTI. It's hard to believe all this is from a resistant UTI (urinary tract infection), but so far everything else is coming up negative, so we don't have any other reason for the pain, nor respiratory distress. Overall, Kayli is doing better tonight, and is now considered to be cautiously stable. :D Please continue to pray for her comfort, and for our guidance. Thank you so very much! ♥

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