Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The dime. Faith in every day

I believe God is in our lives every moment of every day...if we allow Him to be. I talk to God, pray to God, and laugh with God throughout my day. There are small and large miracles around us, if we believe and have Faith in Him. I believe that if you look within the routine of your day, you too can find Him where you least expect Him to be. I want to share this short story with you, and then ask that you too, find God in your day....

(Original post date was Nov. 24th, 2011)
My Faith today: I was at the grocery store getting last minute ingredients for today's feast. I was running short on money and wasn't sure I could get the last item, a second gallon of milk, so I called my husband and asked him "can we get through the day without buying a second gallon of milk?" He told me no, they boys want me to make pudding!" I told him "do you REALLY want me to spend our last DIME on milk or should I save the money?" (we are talking our last $3 to our name, here!). He left the decision up to me. So, I got the milk, and headed to the front of the store, deciding I would go to the self checkout line so I wouldn't be embarrassed if I didn't have enough money. I would just watch the amount increase, and if I was too close I would put aside an item and leave. For some reason, I found myself in the regular checkout lane with minimal wait time (ON THANKSGIVING DAY!). I set my purchases down on the belt making sure to leave space between purchases. Then, as I waited and starred off into space, I held the money in my pocket and prayed. I prayed that God would save me from feeling embarrassed if I was short money. Then I laughed to myself as I argued with myself..."God wouldn't just make money appear in my pocket...or out of thin air" "no way, he would make it a GREAT BIG production so EVERYONE would know of his great power!...like parting a sea or something...but not in a grocery store!" I chuckled that I would have such an argument with myself, but felt comforted in the fact that I that I was laughing and not so scared anymore. I looked at the girl in front of me and she was starring at me....as if looking through me! WEIRD! She didn't say a word, didn't even smile....just looked through me and turned around. I looked down at my purchases on the conveir belt....and there WITH my items, appeared a DIME! The DIME that I asked my husband "do you really want me to spend our last DIME?" LOL God had shown me he would not leave me without... He will provide for me! It was my turn to check out. I had enough money for all the items, including the milk! AND -----> I got a dollar and change back! God is good....all the time! I laughed the whole way home, and told the story to my boys. :D We all smiled and laughed in awe of God's great power....in a grocery store! Thank You God for being in my day! ♥

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  1. Great Testimony!
    God is Good all the time. I have been saved several times, and it is thanks to our Lord. We just have to believe in him, and he will help us come thru any situation..
    I'm happy for you and your family! May the Lord keep blessing you all, specially Kayli!!!