Friday, April 5, 2013

Blessed to be Supermom here!

I am Kayli's mom, Kelly.  I need to take over her blog today.  I am sorry if you came for an update on Kayli, but this is something I need to do today (for me). 

I have been praised, stalked, sought after, admired, glorified, and put up on a pedestal.  I have been referred to as; amazing, outgoing, a great advocate, a people person, thorough, organized, loving, a hero, persistent  and a Supermom.  These are all wonderful things to be perceived as, and as I appreciate is not who/what I am. 

 I am Blessed to be me.  I am a child of God. 

I am grateful that I am one of many parents who have special needs children, and that I do not feel alone in my journey.  I view my life as one to be cherished because of my children who were given unto me, not because of the role I have taken on.  I never saw myself as a "stay at home mom".  I do not like to cook or clean for my family (How does THAT work for a Supermom?!) lol  I went to college because I would much rather work outside our home, receive a paycheck, and have my work recognized with promotions.  Although that was my life plan, I have learned to adapt to God's plan for me, appreciate it in wholeness, and let go of my selfishly limited plans for my life.  If I followed my own plans, I would not be this close to God, nor would I have seen the beauty in His plans for me.  My reason for being, isn't to fulfill my dreams, live in a big house with servants, nor to have money or materialistic items.  It is to use gifts that God has granted me, and to help others in need with them.  Fortunately, God granted me many gifts to help others, and even gave me 4 of His children for whom I am able to give to daily.  While giving to my children, I have also found others in need of help.  My life has been touched by the most wonderfully gifted beings.  I see miracles all around me, which is more than I ever hoped for, sitting in a economical position, getting promotions.  In showing me a life of giving...He has offered me more than I ever dreamed of receiving.  In order to live God's life plan for me, I have used my college experiences and tools to organize, advocate, and challenge the impossible.  God set me up for His plans for my life, and redirected me when I was lost in a comfortable life.  He knew I had more potential, because He granted me the gifts I use.  I am Blessed because my children will need me the rest of their lives and I can continue to share my God given gifts with them, the remainder of my/their lifetime.  Not a day goes by, that I do not feel like I am able to give back to God, by helping my kiddos, or others in my life.  For that, I am grateful...not a Supermom. 

I am Blessed to be me.  I am a child of God.    

My body needs 9 hours of sleep, but I give my body 6 at best.  I have uncontrolled hypoglycemia (without diabetes) because I forget to eat.  I do not dress my body to the 9's (I'm lucky if I have clean clothes on), and I rarely represent my best physical self with hair styling and make up.  I do not cherish my body, but abuse it with lack of sleep, undernourishment,  and only use repetitive exercises in my well worn walking patterns. Even though I believe my body is God's temple, I do not take care of His temple.  I sin, but am forgiven. I will try again tomorrow, in faith that I am doing my best.     

I am Blessed to be me.  I am a child of God. 

In everything I do, I talk to God.  I cannot/do not survive a day without Him. I do not use His name in vain, but cringe when others do so. Daily, I tell Him of my joy, sorrows, and uncertainties.  I ask Him for guidance in the days to come.  I pray for peace, guidance, and comfort for myself, my family, and my friends.   

I honor my Mother and Father for who they are, not who they are not.  I learn from their strengths and try to do better than their weakness'.  I do my best, ask for guidance, and give God what I am not yet able to learn from.  I thank God for my parents and ask that He picks me up when I fail to be the parent He asks me to be.  I pray that my children see my love for them, and appreciate my strengths instead of focusing on my trials yet to conquer and learn from.    

I am Blessed to be me.  I am a child of God.  

At times, if I feel judgement of others creep up on me, I pray that I do not bear false witness against my neighbor.  I strive to "do unto others as I would have them do unto me". Whether or not I not understand another's journey, I pray that God gives them the support to learn the lesson and adapt in life, without loosing their faith in Him.  

I am Blessed to be me.  I am a child of God. 

I am no different than you, yet I am not the same as you.  I am Blessed to me and you are Blessed to be you.  WE are children of God.  We each have been given a life of God's plans.  It is up to us as individuals to use God's gifts to help each other, follow His plan for our lives, and ask for guidance if we are not yet able to follow God's plans for us, blindly and in faith.  With each challenge in your life, ask how you can learn/grow from it, how you can help others with it, and how you can use your God given gifts to adapt for a life bigger than you have ever imagined for yourself.  

There is limited worth in being a superhero, perfect, or cherished.  To get the most out of your life, be Blessed to be you.  Be a child of God. 

God's Blessings unto you. 

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  1. very well said! I am blessed to be me too! Glad that we met on the keto mission is to help other sn parents, I feel like that is why Hannah was born!