Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kayli, with Trisomy 18, makes history by swimming with a trach!!!

Here she goes again, breaking the rules of the worthless, "incompatible with life" label placed on her (simply because she has a Trisomy 18 diagnosis)!  Kayli is on a Krusade, to show others that she enjoys the simple things in life too, even if it means making her own pathway, and helping others along the way! 

Kayli has been in the ocean, in pools, and loves her bath time.  She loves just about any body of water, so it makes sense that she would participate in aquatic therapy at her school.  Although swimming is not new to Kayli, no trached student has ever been allowed to participate in the school's aquatic programs...until Kayli, that is!  

Friday, April 12th, Kayli made history!  She was the first trached student to participate in aquatic therapy, in her school's pool!  

For more information on considering a trached child in a body of water, please see my previous blog, Swimming with a trach. 

Arrived at the pool, excited to go in! 

Testing the waters, holding on and looking at her therapist

Looking at therapist, who is telling her to hold the fish

Kayli holds the fish!! 

Action shot! 

Look at ME, Mom!! 

Looking at therapist

No, it can't be time to get out already! 
One tired, little girl! 

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